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Allow text overlay, but give option to have text appear or disappear after x seconds. Great for location photos where people want to know where a photo was taken AND appreciate and unobstructed photo. This would gove a competitive advantage other p

Additionally, allowing flexibility over font, color, transparency level and placement of the text would be beneficial. If not specified graphically where to put placement of thext, upper left and lower left (left justified), upper right and lower right (right justified text), top center, center and bottom center would cover most cases without complexity. The option to use the filename (without extension) as the text would be the most valuable extension.
It sounds odd at first, but duplicating this programming to allow a second set of text on the photo wouild greatly extend the benefit. The reason? I would LOVE to be able to put an opaque, text description of a photo (by using filename) on a phot that disappeared to allow poeple to see the entire photo AND to have a largely transparent COPYRIGHT covering my photo to prohibit unauthorized duplication. Twice the payback from one set of programming code.

olympicman , 04.01.2011, 12:42
Idea status: under consideration


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